Helen McDermott

Director of Global Forecasting

Helen is a Lead Economist within Tourism Economics, with more than a decade of experience in economic modelling and consultancy.

She specializes in tourism forecasting, tourism economic impact analysis including Tourism Satellite Account analysis and providing bespoke scenario analysis which cater to a range of client needs. She also manages the Global Travel Service (GTS) and Global City Travel (GCT) services, which provide timely forecasts of bilateral tourism flows across 185 countries and 300 cities, as well as other core tourism indicators including overnight stays and tourism spending.

In addition to her regular forecasting work, Helen also plays a lead role in Tourism Economic’ consultancy services. Key projects that Helen has been involved include the Oxford Economics Economic Impact Research, produced on behalf of the World Travel & Tourism Company which measures the contribution of the travel & tourism sector to the wider economy across 185 countries worldwide. Helen is also responsible for producing quarterly forecasts for the hotel industry across a range of markets in Europe, the Middle East and Asia in partnership with STR. Further, Helen plays a lead role in providing ongoing support ranging across a spectrum of tourism initiatives with Qatar Tourism Authority, which includes providing forecasts of travel demand to Qatar and detailed accommodation forecasting to aid QTA in developing key policy initiatives.

Helen graduated in 2005 with a degree in Economics from the University of Ulster.

Direct Line: +44 84 4979 2361

Switchboard: +44 28 9266 0669

Email: hmcdermott@oxfordeconomics.com