Policy & Market Analysis

Informing critical policy and investment decisions with a solid foundation of opportunity, cost and benefit economic analysis.

Tourism Economics assesses policies and funding decisions from an economic lens. Our approach is anchored in decades of experience and international best practices. Using an empirical approach, we evaluate the opportunities, costs and benefits associated with specific policy proposals or market investments.

Helping you answer questions essential for success. 
  • What is the optimal allocation of marketing investments?
  • What is the market size for a new attraction?
  • How will increasing entry restrictions affect tourism?
  • What are the economic benefits and costs of legalized gaming?
  • How will an increased bed tax impact visitor demand and the economy?
  • What will happen if we raise or lower our tourism marketing spending?
Explore how we can support you:

Budget Analysis
Get fact-based, compelling evaluations of current budget competitiveness and understand the economic opportunities available for destination marketing funding. 

Policy Impact Analysis
Explore the real economic returns of specific policy options and make informed decisions for fostering tourism development. 

Market Allocation Platform
Evaluate travel market opportunities and guide investment decisions with custom insights on how to maximize ROI for your organization. 

Project Feasibility
Build a strong foundation for event, attraction and facility projects with a feasibility analysis to understand economic dynamics and traveler activity.