Working with Tourism Economics among other partners has been particularly extraordinary. You take customer service and quality to new heights, and we've been grateful for the trust it has engendered.

Business Intelligence and Research Analyst, Utah Office of Tourism

The Tourism Economics team is a pleasure to work with on projects. They are always willing to talk through different approaches or perspectives to solving problems.

Manager, Performance Strategy & Planning, InterContinental Hotels Group

Thank you for the excellent work you performed in terms of the degree of analysis, and especially the recommendations flowing from them. We went well beyond the initial agreed scope and your assessment was quite useful to us.

Director-General, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

Our success in informing national travel policy has been linked to T.E. analysis.

Executive Vice President, U.S. Travel Association

They are incredibly responsive to requests for support and have gone out of their way to help with last minute queries.

Head of Strategy Development & Insights, Tourism Ireland

One of the unique benefits of working with Tourism Economics is the true global and macro-economic environment in which they analyze our travel and tourism performance. Understanding how this industry is integral to the global economy is fundamental to what we think and do on the local level.

Senior Vice President, Research NYC & Company

What differentiates TE from any other partner I work with is their desire to truly understand our issues and opportunities of our industry, the open conversations, the trust that is established to find sustainable solutions.

Destination International

Their reports are consistently informative, easy to interpret and apply, and defendable to various stakeholders. Their responsiveness to questions and professional demeanor ensure satisfaction among all our industry members.

Director, Ohio Tourism Division

As always, T.E. was a hit! They have a remarkable ability to make economic trends digestible, even to those who insist they don’t understand economics.

President, Young Strategies, Inc.

I am delayed in thanking you for your work on our 2017 Economic Impact Study. It was a pleasure working with you during the discovery phase and the end product was greatly appreciated by our Board of Directors. It also left quite an impression on Coronado City Council. With your compelling data in our Annual Report, they approved our Management Plan for 2018!

Executive Director, Discover Coronado