Visitor Economy

Understand the full economic value of visitors to your destination, including impacts on jobs, wages, GDP, and taxes.

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Tourism Economics has worked with hundreds of national, state, and city tourism offices to provide a foundational analysis of the importance of the visitor economy.The economic importance of tourism to a destination is commonly under-appreciated and extends well beyond core hospitality and transportation sectors

Tourism Economics offers a solution to destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and to industry associations that marries rigorous methodology and compelling communication to raise the profile of tourism as an economic engine.

Our approach combines visitor survey and industry data to provide maximum credibility and to ensure no component of tourism activity is overlooked.

Tourism Economics' impact models also capture the critical secondary benefits to the tourism supply chain and the economic gains through the local spending of tourism wages.

This provides a comprehensive view of tourism-generated sales, production, employment, wages, and taxes. But the best research is only as good as its communication. Our clients enjoy a presentation style of clear and compelling narrative, charts, tables, and maps. In this way, the message of tourism's importance is clearly conveyed and our clients' objectives are realized.

Our staff has completed nearly one hundred tourism economic impact studies for cities, states, regions, and countries across the world. We have also assessed the impacts of particular sectors such as aviation, film, and cruising.

Our team possesses particular experience developing Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSAs) as ratified by the UN as the global standard for measuring the economic value of tourism. Our staff has implemented Tourism Satellite Account research for over two-dozen clients over the past decade, significantly raising the profile and understanding of tourism's role in the economy.