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CBS News: Trade War with China Projected to Cost U.S. Billions in Lost Tourism Dollars

Billions Lost in Tourism Dollars

Yahoo Finance: Americans are Wasting an Incredible Amount of Vacation Days

Unused Vacation Days

Hotel Online: A Record 768 Million U.S. Vacation Days Went Unused in ’18, Opportunity Cost in the Billions

Unused Vacation Costs Billions

Travel Daily: Americans Left Record 768 million Vacation Days Unused in 2018

Vacation Days Unused

Forbes: Americans Wasted 768 Million Vacation Days Last Year

Vacation Days Wasted

FTN: More Americans Not Using Their Vacation Days, They Could Contribute Two Million Additional American Jobs

Vacation Days Unused

Financial Times: US Retailers’ Lament: Where are All the Chinese Tourists?

China Trade War

Business Travel News: STR & Tourism Economics Further Downgrade U.S. Hotel Performance Projections

Downgrade in US Hotel Performance

ABC: Kentucky Tourism Rose in 2018

Kentucky Tourism Rose

ABC: Kentucky Sees Increase in Number of Visitors to the State

Increase in Tourism Numbers

Market Research Headlines: Luxury Safari Tourism Market Emerging Trends, Global Demand and Business Outlook 2019

Emerging Tourism Markets

CBS: Alabama Tops U.S. in Growth of Overseas Visitors

Alabama Tourism Growth