Mahum Abid

Data Analyst

Mahum Abid is a proficient Data Analyst on Tourism Economics' Symphony Team, specializing in data science, analytics and visualization. 

With a solid foundation in data analytics and a passion for uncovering insights, Mahum brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to her role. Her experiences and education equip her with the tools necessary to navigate complex datasets and extract valuable information to drive strategic decision-making. 

Mahum provides exceptional service to clients, leveraging her analytical expertise to assist them in deriving actionable insights from their data. Her proactive approach to problem-solving and commitment to understanding client needs enable her to deliver solutions that drive growth and innovation within the tourism industry.

Mahum's dedication to continuous learning and her commitment to excellence position her as an asset within the field of data analysis. She earned her Bachelor's degree from Rutgers University and is currently pursuing her Master's in Data Science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), where she continues to expand her expertise.