Online Platforms & Digital Content Impact on Tourism Recovery

Our singular focus:

...combine an understanding of the travel sector with proven economic tools to answer the most important questions facing our clients.

More than 300 leading companies, associations, and destinations work with Tourism Economics every year as a research partner. We bring decades of experience to every engagement to help our clients make better marketing, investment, and policy decisions. Our team of highly-specialized economists deliver:

  • Global travel data-sets with the broadest set of country, city, and state coverage available
  • Travel forecasts that are directly linked to the economic and demographic outlook for origins and destinations
  • Economic impact analysis that highlights the value of visitors, events, developments, and industry segments
  • Policy analysis that informs critical funding, taxation, and travel facilitation decisions
  • Market assessments that define market allocation and investment decisions

Tourism Economics assigns senior staff at the center of each and every project. The principals who represent our work remain involved through each stage of project fulfillment. We have found this to be an optimal way to sustain high quality. It is also the way we enjoy working.

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