Adam Sacks


Adam Sacks is the President of Tourism Economics; an Oxford Economics company dedicated to analytically-based consulting to the tourism sector.

Over the past twenty years, Adam has worked with hundreds of travel sector clients to address fundamental economic questions.

Adam has worked with national, provincial/state and local tourism offices throughout the world. He is an authority on measuring the economic impact of tourism activity–both broadly and for specific initiatives and projects. He has advised destinations on tourism investment policy, the effects of proposed entry procedures, tourism taxation, and marketing strategies. He has provided numerous destinations with analysis on market positioning and emerging opportunities.

Adam has consulted with multi-national hotel chains, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, theme parks, resort developers, and retail operators to measure current and future market opportunities. He has presented to numerous corporate strategic planning teams on the threats and opportunities facing their businesses within the projected travel and economic climate.

He is an expert in developing custom systems for quantifying relevant tourism market segments and tracking the competitive landscape for clients. Adam has developed tourism forecasting models with unrivalled track records.

Adam has implemented the UN-sanctioned TSA methodology for measuring the economic impact of tourism for over a dozen countries and for seven states in the US.

Adam is a compelling and sought-after speaker on issues related to tourism market analysis, the economic impact of tourism and travel-demand forecasting He also has presented tourism impact results to governments around the world.

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